Meet the Flavorettes

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Bold & Fiesty

A spicy* brand voice is always willing to push the envelope to get its messages across.

It brings the heat and its audience loves every minute of it.

Spicy Big Names

  • Burger King

  • Amazon Prime

  • Oikos

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Fun & Edgy

A salty brand voice enhances its message with dashes of humor & sprinkles of sass.

It amuses & educates, leaving its audience craving more.

Salty Big Names

  • UberEats

  • Progressive
  • AT&T

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Bright & Bubbly

A sweet brand voice takes a light, lively approach to getting its message across.

It uplifts its audience, cheering them on and keeping them smiling.

Sweet Big Names

  • Barbie

  • Target

  • LEGO

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Warm & Comforting

A savory brand voice uses a calm & steady approach to deliver its message.

It builds its audience up and leaves them feeling nourished.

Savory Big Names

  • Walmart

  • Geico

  • Lowes

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*I’m aware that the pepper Spicy Flavorette is holding is, well, not spicy…that’s just how the stock photo cookie crumbles sometimes 🤷‍♀️