Introducing a sweeter way to write copy & content

Ever heard the saying, “Want something good, fast, and cheap? Pick 2”? When it comes to traditional copywriting processes, it holds true.

Whether you hire a contractor for a one-off custom project, keep your favorite copywriter on retainer, or write the copy yourself, you’ll typically have to sacrifice one of the three.

But what if I told you there’s a sweet spot right smack in the middle of fast/good/cheap that we’ve simply been overlooking?

It’s called done-with-you copywriting and it’s an efficient, affordable way to whip up fresh words for your marketing.

Done with You Copy Packages

Brain Candy

A Copywriting & Brand Strategy Power Hour


How it works:

  • 1-hour Private copy session
  • No prep or creative brief to fill out
  • You choose what we work on
  • GDoc or Canva file with copy & session notes
candy bar

Candy Bars

Convenient Bundles of Recurring Power Hours


How it works:

  • Weekly 1-hour private copy sessions
  • Available in Regular (4) or King-Size (8)
  • No creative brief to fill out
  • You choose what we work on
  • Digital File with all session notes & copy

Candy Club Mini

A Group Membership ft. Expert Copywriting Support

$400 / year

How it works:

  • Twice-monthly, drop-in style group sessions
  • bite-sized copy consults & co-writing
  • Bring in existing or in-progress copy for feedback
  • Get help when you’re stuck & speed up your progress
a bowl of marshmallow candy against an aqua background with rainbow crumbs

“I highly recommend working with Darci if you need help articulating your own radical vision.

Tiana smiles while holding a teacup
Tiana Dodson

Body Liberation Facilitator & Founder of Fat Freedom Group Reads

I run a radical business that forces me to continually look at who I am, how I show up, and who I want to be. I have found working with other service providers in the past to be unfulfilling, and even difficult sometimes because they were challenged by the bigness and boldness of my vision and my work.

That was not at all my experience with Darci. She was willing, excited even, to go where I wanted to go. In our time together, I felt seen, heard, and best of all, understood.”