Custom copy, content & brand strategy

The copywriting support your business needs

in a fun, friendly group setting 🥳

The copywriting support your business needs

in a fun, friendly group setting 🥳

Enjoy a full year of professional support for just $400!

Stop by the virtual workroom & leave with tastier copy

1st & 3rd Tuesday each month | 1:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern

virtual work room that looks like a pool with colorful rafts

Pull up a raft and join us

Drop in for help with your copycontentbrandingmessaging

DIY-ing your copy can be a slog

Candy Club makes it so much sweeter

As a disabled business owner, I’ve learned that the “right” way to get something done in your business is whatever works best for you.

That’s why I created Candy Club, a place where you can get as much or as little support as you need, in a welcoming, low-pressure, group setting.

Members can attend each meeting from start to finish, pop in only when they’re stuck on something, or anything in between.

Either way, Candy Club is an opportunity to receive personalized help from a professional copywriter and become part of a fun community of radically inclusive business owners.

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…candy-fueled copywriter, brand strategy nerd, & shameless pun enthusiast 🍭


  • 🍭 Access to twice-monthly writing sessions

  • 🍭 Personalized copy, content, and brand strategy

  • 🍭 Increased productivity through body-doubling

  • 🍭 External accountability for better follow-through

  • 🍭 Meeting other radically inclusive* business owners

We all need support & community

This is especially true for digital entrepreneurs

Running a business online gets lonely! But the right virtual community can make all the difference.

After joining the Catalyst* community (which combines co-working + business strategy + expert support) and seeing what an absolute game changer it was for my business, I realized regular, drop-in co-writing sessions would be an amazingly accessible way to offer copy and branding support to other small business owners.

So I started Candy Club 🍬

Where you can find me in the (virtual) workroom on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 1-3PM (EST), ready to answer questions, provide feedback, and write copy for any members that feel like stopping by.

Come and stay for the entire session or just pop in when you need it. Whatever works for you!

Make sweet progress toward your goals 🍭

Along with professional writing support, Candy Club provides members with a practical way to build copy and content writing into their monthly routine.

Whether it’s tightening up some sales page copy or batching social media captions, Candy Club is the perfect way to stop procrastinating and get it done.

Mouthwatering marketing is within your reach

Become a member of Candy Club today!



12 months of copywriting support

$100 / quarter

pay once & save



3 months of copywriting support

$440 / year

no long term commitment

* * *

What it means to be radically inclusive:

  • you believe in the inherent worth of all people

  • you are committed to promoting the safety and prosperity of all people, unless they are actively harming others

  • you are dedicated to unlearning harmful social conditioning

  • you are willing to fight to dismantle oppressive systems, regardless of whether you benefit from them

Want more co-writing time with me, PLUS individualized support, planning, and coaching from business and marketing experts? CLICK HERE to learn more about Create the Rules CATALYST, the private community of goal-oriented business owners, change makers, & culture creators that inspired Candy Club.

Disclosure: The text above includes an affiliate link (which means I make some money – at no cost to you – if you click through and join) but I NEVER recommend something unless I use it myself.

If I say I love something? It’s because I really do, not because I’m getting a cut of the sales. If you join the Catalyst, you’ll find me in the workroom most weekdays, hanging out and working on my business.

Still, if it will make you feel better, here’s a non-affiliate link: Create the Rules CATALYST You should check it out!