Candy Bars

Deliciously effective bundles of copywriting power hours

Say goodbye to expensive, drawn-out custom projects

Say hello to efficient done-with-you copywriting

As easy as a conversation

What if all you had to do to walk away with rich, flavorful copy was talk about your brand?

With a Candy Bar, it really is that simple. I’ll ask questions to gather the information I need. All you need to do is answer.

As your copy takes shape, your real-time reactions allow me to mold it into a final product perfectly suited to your taste.

How it works


Days & Times

  • Scheduling windows include Mon-Thurs 10AM-7PM (EST)

  • Choose weekly or bi-weekly sessions with 1 (optional) skip week
  • All time slots are first come first served

  • Requests to reschedule are subject to availability


My (virtual) place

  • I’ll send you a link to my easy access digital workroom

  • No log-in or special software required

  • No questionnaires or pre-work to fill out ahead of time

  • Simply show up & tell me what you want to work on


The focus

  • You tell me what’s bugging you about your copy or content

  • I’ll suggest some possible solutions

  • You decide what sounds best to you

  • We’ll put it into action together

Custom copy projects are a lot like cilantro

Great for some people…like eating soap for others.

If the executive function required to outsource your copy leaves a bad taste in your mouth, a Candy Bar might be the perfect solution.

By crafting your copy while you’re right there in the (virtual) room with me, Candy Bars eliminate the tedious back and forth that accounts for a large chunk of the timeline of a typical custom project.

You still get the delectable on-brand copy you were looking for but the time, energy, and money you spend? That gets cut in half.

No stress. No mess. Totally Satisfying.

Available in Regular (4) or King-Sized (8), Candy Bar sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and require zero pre-work on your part.

Just pop into the virtual workroom at the scheduled time and we’ll get down to it!

What can you do with a Candy Bar?

  • Build a brand voice guide
  • Spruce up a sales funnel
  • Sprinkle your key messages everywhere

…and plenty more!

Darci, copywriter and brand strategist, smiles against an aqua background

I’m gonna tell you a secret: Sometimes it’s okay to wing it!

I mean, sure, if you have the capacity to plan things out months in advance, that’s ideal. But running a business these last few years? Let’s just say, “ideal” isn’t the word I’d use!

That’s why I created Candy Bars.

They’re what you grab when you want something delicious but you don’t have the time or energy to do more than toss your pick on the checkout counter and swipe your card.

Because done is better than perfect, am I right?

Now, I love a gourmet copy package. I’ll happily spend days — or weeks or months — perfecting every syllable of a piece of copy.

But sometimes the landing page we write together in a couple hours beats the pants off one I’d spend 6 weeks crafting, just by virtue of landing in your hands sooner.

By combining your own deep knowledge of your brand and my copywriting savvy, Candy Bars can deliver delectable, on-brand copy (with all the flavor and clarity Sweet Tooth Creative is known for) in a fraction of the time.

Grab one for your next copywriting project

stacked candy bars

No planning. No prep.

Just instant gratification.


4 Sessions



8 Sessions


Hate weekly appointments? Try a single Brain Candy session instead. CLICK HERE