Grab ‘n’ Go Copywriting

Discover a sweeter way to get personalized copy & brand strategy

Need fresh copy fast?

Need fresh copy fast?

What if you could cross your most pressing copywriting tasks off your to-do list in as little as 4 hours? With a Candy Bar package from Sweet Tooth Creative, you can.

These bundles of done-with-you (DwY) power hours are what you grab when you want something delicious but you don’t have the time or energy to do more than toss your pick on the checkout counter and swipe your card.

They’re a quick and effective way to take a bite out of your copywriting to-do list. Grab one for your next project!

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How it works

How It


You'll choose the day & time

You’ll pick a slot on my calendar for our weekly meetings.

Sessions are available Mon-Wed 10AM-7PM (Eastern / NYC)

We'll meet in my (virtual) office

You’ll receive a link to my virtual co-working space.

No special software necessary and no pre-session questionnaires to fill out.

Together, we'll come up with a plan

You’ll tell me what’s bugging you about your copy or content.

We’ll decide on a strategy for making the most out of our sessions.

We'll chat while I write

I’ll get to work, explaining my approach as I go.

You’ll watch your copy take shape and answer any questions I have along the way.

Repeat X 4 (or 8)

The week between sessions will allow ideas to percolate (a very good thing, trust me).

Then we’ll pick up where we left off, with fresh eyes and new ideas.

You'll walk away with fresh copy

After our final session, you’ll have new, strategic copy that’s ready to publish.

All for 1 hour a week of your time!

Ready to get started?

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Custom copy projects are a lot like cilantro…

Great for some people, like eating soap for others.

By crafting your copy while you’re right there in the (virtual) room with me, Candy Bars eliminate the tedious back and forth that accounts for a large chunk of the timeline of a typical custom project.

You still get the delectable on-brand copy you were looking for but the time, energy, and money you spend gets cut in half.

So, if the executive function required to outsource your copy leaves a bad taste in your mouth, a Candy Bar could be the perfect solution!

No stress. No mess. Totally satisfying.

Available in Regular (4) or King-Sized (8), Candy Bar sessions are scheduled weekly and require zero pre-work on your part.

Just pop into the virtual workroom at the scheduled time and we’ll get down to it!

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What can you do with a Candy Bar package?

  • Build a brand voice guide
  • Spruce up a sales funnel
  • Sprinkle your key messages everywhere

…and plenty more!

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Grab one for your next project


(4 sessions)



(8 sessions)


Hate weekly appointments? Try a single Brain Candy session instead. CLICK HERE